Welcome to the Detroit History Podcast. We’ll mine this city’s history, telling the story through this town’s cultural, social, political, musical and automotive heritage. Our chosen tool is the podcast. During our first season we’ll hear what the Detroit Symphony Orchestra sounded like in the 1920s, when it rose to national prominence under Ossip Gabrilowitsch. We’ll sit in on a confrontation between a congressional committee and a young labor organizer, Coleman Young. Our inaugural podcast: The Beatles’ two visits to Detroit in 1964 and 1966. You’ll hear the screams as the Fab Four took the stage at Olympia Stadium. A new Detroit History Podcast episode—as diverse as the Motor City itself—will take the stage every two weeks.

Tim Kiska hosts the program, which hits the second and fourth Monday of every month at 2 p.m.

Our Latest Episode: Detroit Crashes, The Motor City During The Great Depression

It was one of the city's darkest moments and the panic would shortly spread across the country. Michigan Governor William Comstock closed Detroit's banks on Valentine's Day, 1933. Henry Ford was asked to bail out the banks, Ford said he thought the crash would have to come: "the general effect would be that everyone would have to get to work a little sooner; that it might be a very good thing."


Episode 4 - Scratch Glass and Turn Blue: The Making of The Ghoul

This job no longer exists: the television horror movie host. They were local celebrities, and pillars of local pop culture. Here in Detroit, we had Sir Graves Ghastly and Morgus, among others. In this episode, The Detroit History Podcast interviews Ron Sweed (The Ghoul), who explains how The Ghoul came to be. And, why the firecrackers? He used to blow up everything from toys to pierogies.


Episode 3 - It's Just The Kind Of Thing Detroit Could Do

This edition of the Detroit History Podcast tells the story of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's amazing leap in the 1920s, from B-list band to Carnegie Hall in 10 years. Conductor Ossip Gabrilowitsch directed the effort..The players in this drama include Mark Twain, Horace Dodge, Pope Pius XII. And, oh, Orchestra Hall went up in less than five months.


Episode 2 - "You Have Me Mixed Up With a Stool Pigeon, Sir"

In this episode of The Detroit History Podcast, we hear a rare recording of a confrontation between Coleman A. Young and a congressional committee in 1952. Many people pleaded their Fifth Amendment rights when the House of Un-American Activities Committee came to town looking for Reds. But a young labor organizer, Coleman Young, gave better than he got, telling his inquisitors: "you have me mixed up with a stool pigeon, sir."


Episode One - When The Beatles Came to Detroit

The Beatles appeared twice in Detroit, once in 1964 and again in 1966, both times at Olympia Stadium. We'll listen to the screams when the Fab Four took the stage. We'll hear Detroit's intense reaction to the group. And what was up with the jelly beans raining down on stage?